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I love animated gifs. My husband and I love them so much that we have spent lots of free time looking at what has been made available by other "FREE Gif" sites and selecting the ones we KNOW are some of the finest on the web. I will be adding all the gifs we have collected in categories that fit each particular gif. Some may need a category all to themselves! ;*]
First I want to turn you onto some "KITTY" gifs. They are all good. As I said, some of the BEST on the net!

Hope you ENJOY!

"kitty on a ball"

"kitty loves bird-ee's"

"kitty gets back"

"kitty luvs to fish"

"kitty may fall"

"kitty is in luv"

"get it kitty"

"kitty with the rain"

"kittys are beautiful"

"kitty wants in"

"lion king1"

"lion king2"

"lion king3"

"lion king4"

"loving kitty"

"kitty likes milk "

"big kitty sees you"

"kitty is hip chick"

"kitty's eyes"

"spell kitty"

"jump kitty"

"kitty is black"

"side to side kitty"

"run kitty run"

"gold kitty"

"tiger kitty"

"kitty B.G."

"welcome kitty"

"e-mail kitty"

"bitty kitty"

"take a walk kitty"

"WOW kitty"

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These gifs and ALL the gifs on this site have been made readily available by other sites offering them for free. I believe it's a shame to not be able to give credit where credit is due to the original creator of these fine animations and gifs, so, please, if you see anything that belongs to you then send me proof and I will gladly give you credit or remove them immediately! Thanks!!

©'98-'99 RockINsis