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This page of gifs will include fireworks, star backgrounds and other "bright" things! I have these gifs and all the gifs I display ready to see and upload for all. Just click on the text linking to the gif and if you see one you like, upload it to your site!
All the gifs I use and display are free for anyone to use. If by chance I have a gif that is copyrighted, please email me!












"neat lightning background"


"itty bitty lightnin' ditty"

"multi flare"

"Dance W/ Me"

"Tango Wango"

"plasmo ball"

"a cool line"

"a cool line (2)"

"a cool line (3)"

"star BG (1)"

"star BG (2)"

"star BG (3)"

"star BG (4)"

"star BG (5)"

"star BG (6)"

"star BG (7)"

"star BG (8)"

"star BG (9)"

"star BG (10)"

"star BG (11)"

"a sky BG (1)"

"a sky BG (2)"

"a sky BG (3)"

"pretty gold stars"

"red planets"

"full moon change"

"rolling BLUE star"

"rolling RED star"

~RockInsis' Way Around~
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These gifs and ALL the gifs on this site have been made readily available by other sites offering them for free. I believe it's a shame to not be able to give credit where credit is due to the original creator of these fine animations and gifs, so, please, if you see anything that belongs to you then send me proof and I will gladly give you credit or remove them immediately! Thanks!!

©'98-'99 RockINsis